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Home Dumbbell Circuit

Beautiful souls, here’s a home dumbbell circuit for ya! Grab your weights, bottles of wine, or canned food; let’s work up a sweat. 😅

  • Plank & rotate
  • Plank straight arm kickback
  • Single leg scarecrows (right leg)
  • Single leg scarecrows (left leg)
  • Squats
  • Squat, curl, to shoulder press
  • Reverse lunge to shoulder press
  • Laying chest flys
  • Laying overhead reach (aka tricep, skull crushers)
  • Seated Russian twist
  • Preform each exercise for 10-12 reps, no rest
  • Rest for 60-120 seconds
  • Repeat 3-5 times

Once you’ve completed your workout, acknowledge a job well done, take a second to admire the time you took for self care, and tag me on social (@jeanajuice); because we’re all in this!💖

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Remember, be the light! 🌟

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