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Let’s talk (de)hydration. As someone who works out a lot with an addiction to intense cardio I thought I knew a lot about the negative affects of dehydration, but I did not.

Here’s a little of what I learned last week while completing my NASM continuing education units (CEUs).

Did you know chronic dehydration can lead to serious mental AND physical health problems?😳Dehydration can negatively affect

According to Benton et al. 2016; Enhörning & Melander 2018; Guelinckx et al. 2016; Melander 2016; Perrier 2017; Roumelioti et al. 2018, dehydration can negatively affect:

  • mood
  • cognition
  • metabolism
  • kidney
  • cardiac health

Also, research suggests dehydration can cause an overstimulation of the body’s stress response system increasing levels of cortisol; the fat causing hormone (Kavouras & Anastasiou 2010; Lang et al. 2017; Stookey et al. 2013).


So here’s a friendly reminder to put down that coffee + drink some water!

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