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Let’s talk about something uncomfortable…money, during a pandemic. I believe most fail to see money as an option, rather than a physical item. Money allows for freedom and hope.

This time last year the world was shutting down, literally.

Fitness classes were less than half full and stretch therapist clients where no shows.

For me, life was looking a little grim financially before I realized we were headed for a pandemic.

With the fitness industry closed, like most of the world, I made just over $4,000 ($4,226.30 to be exact) from March 1st2020 – June 1st 2020 from my “side hustle” without unemployment or seeing clients on the side

That $4,000 was earned working less than part time (3-6 hours a week) from home helping others become their healthiest version. 

I share this because up until March 2020, I was fairly inconsistent; I knew what was possible with Isagenix but I just didn’t do the (personal) work.

With life completely flipped upside down I decided to lean into Isagenix. I understand maybe $4,000 was not an impressive amount of money to you a year ago; in full transparency it really was not to me. Maybe it still is not. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Nevertheless, I was recently reflecting on 2020 and I began to understand how that $4,000 provided an immense amount of security during such an uncertain time.

  • I started to think about how that $4,000 allowed me to admit our fur-baby to the hospital without hesitation.
  • How I was able to support small businesses in my area.
  • And, how I wasn’t stressed about the unemployment backlog or the prolonged lockdown.

I’m not sharing any of this to brag (honestly, it makes me a little uncomfortable) but rather impress upon you that I understand network marking is not for everyone, but the truth is it can be. 

You do not need special training, a degree, or a specific amount of work experience. This opportunity is real and it’s here for anyone willing to learn and work.

As we continue to face uncertain times I strive to be a dealer of hope

  • I want the stay at home mom reading this to feel excited about her baby’s upcoming birthday party. 
  • I want to dad who was just laid off to rest a little easier.
  • I want the young professional dreading returning to the tiny cubical to know there is more to life.


I don’t sell shakes or collagen; yes our products are second to none and backed by science.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme; yes our compensation plan is the best in the industry.

This is an opportunity to breathe a little easier and dream a little bigger.

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