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Happy Birthday, Keiki

Today is a hard Keiki day; it would have been her 15th birthday.

It’s difficult to comprehend for the first time in 14 years we aren’t celebrating her quirks and (at times frustrating) habits.

It’s difficult to believe how much time has passed since we said good-bye.

I can’t help but think the saying “time heals everything” is a lie.

My heart hurts as much today as it did the morning we parted ways; but today, is about celebrating Keiki and all she brought to this world. 

She loved: 

  • her Dad, probably more than anything. 
  • the wind in her face, especially the top down on my convertible. 
  • going to the Passy house, she would squeak as soon as we exited the 405.
  • being outside in the sun.
  • early Santa Monica mornings just after it rained walking in puddles.
  • eating snails, and anything else she could find.
  • stealing wine when no one was looking.
  • couch time and snuggling.
  • and people, she loved everyone. 
  • (to name a few.)

I have to believe there is a heaven, even if it is just for dogs because we don’t deserve them.

Happy birthday, Keiki.

You are loved.

You are missed. 

Featured image by Ed Robertson on Unsplash

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