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Overcoming Weekend Temptation(s)

This morning I had a chat with a few nutrition clients about weekend temptation(s); how to avoid them and what to do when you feel like you’ve fallen off the fitness “wagon”. 

I know the weekend can be filled with temptation because we are out of our routines (which keep us on track), but I believe the feeling tends to be exacerbated when starting a new workout regimen or implementing changes to your diet. Because the weekend is usually busy with other people’s plans (e.g., kids sporting events, spouses’ events, etc.) it’s easy to forget about all the good intentions (aka goals) we had on Monday.  

I know self-care is such a buzz word right now, I honestly hate using it, but being aware of your goals (and your plan to achieve them) is the greatest form of self-care because you’re becoming the best version of yourself. By seeing and achieving goals not only are you growing in that area you are also growing your confidence and personal accountability. For a little self-care Saturday, I encourage each of you to take 5-10 minutes this morning to reflect on the goals you set at the beginning of the week.

Think about the specific goals you set for the week.

How you will feel when you achieve said goals.

How your life will be different once said goals are accomplished (what will you be able to do).

In terms of nutrition- the best way to keep your goals in mind this weekend is to have a plan. If you’re leaving the house for the kiddo’s game or even a night out with friends know what that looking like in terms of when you’ll have your shakes (yep, plan your meals). I’m not saying eat when you’re not hungry but we all have an idea of when we usually feel hungry. If you’ll be gone for a long time (sporting events) bring your snacks, shaker bottle, and shake with you! I personally keep some Isagenix snacks and eshots in my car at all times, this helps me (and Austin) avoid those intense hunger cravings when I’m out of the house all day.

Remember, most processed food is designed to be addictive so don’t relay on will power to avoid all together but rather self control when its in front of you. The best nutrition advice I have ever heard was from Ed Mylett, “The flavor doesn’t change after three bites. So, I take a few bites and move on.” He said this when talking about sweets specifically, but it’s so true with all our food. Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated but I understand it feels like that at times with so much contradicting information. Take a step back, listen to your body and think. You’ve got this! 


Here’s one of my favorite (weekend) shake recipes it helps me start my day with a little coffee and the best nutrients.

(Chocolate) Coffee! 

  • Fill your blender half way with ice.
  • Add coffee (instead of water).
  • 2 scoops chocolate Isalean (mocha would be great substitute).
  • 1 tbsp of your favorite creamer.
  • Blend until smooth.😋

Let me know if you try this today!

Enjoy, tag me in your posts (@jeanajuice), and check out more (food and shake) recipes here.🌱

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