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November Bodyweight Challenge

It’s that time of year, again. When the sun sets a little too early and the mornings are a little too chilly; November. I know it’s easy to spend this month on extended holiday celebration, I’ve been there. But this year I want to do something different, November Bodyweight Challenge

I know we’re already in the second week of November but I believe the week after the time change is the most difficult, in terms of adjusting so I personally can use a little routine in my life; especially now that I’m working from home every day and workout out at home 4 days a week.

I wanted to something scaleable and easy to incorporate into my established workout routine (aka SoulCycle). I am starting 75 Hard next Sunday, November 14, after a weekend in wine country if anyone wants to join me. 😊 

I digress, I wanted something everyone is able to participate in; hence November Bodyweight challenge. I am doing this to stay accountable to myself but I would love others to join as well. Every Monday morning for the next 4 weeks I’ll post the moves/rounds for the week.

What is November Bodyweight Challenge:

  • 3 bodyweight workouts a week for 4 weeks
  • 3 movements 4-5 rounds 
  • 15 minutes or less

Let me know if you’re in! 

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