💔RIP, Aaron💔

Austin and I learned our good friend passed away early this morning. As I struggle to process and find words, I just keep repeating Rip, Aaron.

I’m not sure how to sum 16 years of friendship.

I’m not sure words can do an exceptional human justice.

What I know, Aaron was funny, loyal, caring, and free spirited.

My best memories include Aaron, most are activities he introduced me to; from Route 91 to floating Kelly’s Beach & the Colorado River.

To say I’m devastated feels inadequate.

To say Aaron will be missed is a vast understatement. 

What I can say is I promise is to carry on his traditions, to love his kids, and to yell Aaron every time I hear a peacock (IYKYK).

Best friend, may you Rest In Peace (RIP).

You are loved.💗

Featured image by Diego PH on Unsplash

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