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Nootropic Stacking

Let’s learn about Nootropic Stacking.

Initially, I thought, “Wait, what is a Nootropic and how do I stack them?”

Nootrtropics are herbs used to enhance memory or other cognitive functions. Usually, each Nootropic has one key benefit (e.g., memory, focus, energy, etc.).

Okay Nootropics are good for the brain but what is Nootropic Stacking?

Because (most) Noortropics have one benefit it is common to use more than one in a daily routine (aka stacking).  

Why is Nootropic stacking important?

Stacking Nootropics helps achieve personalized results. For example, if you are looking for focus and clarity during an exam you may decide to include caffeine, phophatidylserine, and adaptogens in your test day stack. If you are older your focus is likely long term brain health which include alma or purslane with DHA rich fish oil. 

My new favorite desert island product, Isagenix Nootropic Elixir. It was formulated with science-based (🤓), natural ingredients to support both on demand (test day) focus and long term brain health. The reason I love Isagenix is I don’t have to do the research into each Nootropic (or ingredient for that mater), their (in house) scientist do it for me. 

All Isagenix products are designed to work together, (aka stack). Below are a few of my favorite products in addition to Nootropic Elixir:

Adaptogen Elixir: This supplement is designed to support your ability to adapt to stress. Studies have found adaptogens reduce mental fatigue and enhance physical endurance by helping the body “adapt” to better resist the effects of both physical and psychological stress (1, 2). Different adaptogens work in a variety of ways to help normalize the body’s functions in response to stress helping to improve both physical and mental performance (3). PS- The better the body adapts to stress the better the sleep.

Cleanse for Life: Is formulated to support your body’s natural detoxification process and protect against oxidative stress, but there are additional benefits to everyday consumption. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that individuals who consumed higher levels of B vitamins, specifically niacin and folate, had high cognitive function the their peers and comparable cognitive function to people four to six years younger (4). Choline is a micronutrient found in many foods such as eggs, beans, and quinoa that is key in brain growth and development. It is a precursor in acetylcholine production, a neurotransmitter important for memory, mood, and the brain functions (5). 


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