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Just Begin

I’ve known for a while I need to do a reset, a cleanse, something. The past four (4) months have been filled with grief so I just kept putting it off. If that sounds like you, I encourage you to just begin. Start today.

I just wrapped up a 7 day reset, this is what I (re)discovered:

  • The food we consume affects more than just the scale.
  • Sugar (especially alcohol), even in moderation causes inflammation.
  • The diet culture, non stop cycle has to stop; lifestyle nutrition is the key to longevity.
  • A walk outside is the best stress reliever.

What is a 7 day reset? 

Time to correct non life giving habits.

Time to assess everyday choices made out of routine.

Simply put, stop the slide.

I know the answer(s) to a healthy lifestyle but at times it’s just easier to choose unhealthy.

Regardless of why or how long I chose the unhealthy route at some point I have to stop.

In full transparency, 75 days, even 30, just seems a little too impossible to get started on. I kept making excuses.

That’s where the 7 day reset came in.

It’s simple and scientifically proven.

I’m starting Wednesday another reset on Wednesday, when we get back from Laughlin.

If you’d like to 

  • Create more life giving habits.
  • Feel naturally energized.
  • Sleep through the night.
  • Assist your body to handle stress.
  • Get more out of your workouts.

This is for you.

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