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Why Tesla

I never thought I would like a Tesla much less want to drive one. Needless to say, I have been proven wrong.

Let us be real, most of us think Tesla drivers are the new Prius drivers; slow and boring. While this may be true for a small demographic it is not an accurate generalization. 

I will be sharing my experience with Tesla, thus far, and what I love about our Model 3.

Let me back up a little. 

I was not looking for a new car. Although I had issues with my old car since I bought it (the convertible leaked) and more problems BMW customer service, I was absolutely in love with my 2013 BMW 335 convertible. It was the car I dreamed about as a teenager. She was old and I knew there were general maintenance services (e.g., tires, battery, 50k service, etc.) on the horizon, but overall I was happy. 

Towards the end of November the Universe or God (whatever you believe) made it clear I needed a different car.

As previously mentioned, I was not sold on a Tesla. I think Dog Mode is an amazing feature but I was unsure if I wanted to go full electric. Again, I had not done much research up to this point. There are a couple reasons I was hesitant, but mostly because I cannot do a high speed charge at home, our apartment building is too old to handle it. The other is I love a good road trip so I was concerned about charging stations. 

With that said, originally, Austin and I were looking at plug in hybrids. 

  • BMW has the 3 series but it was immediately eliminated given our past experience with BMW. 
  • Jeep has the Wrangler, which is cool but I would have to put a lot of aftermarket work into it for the Wrangler to be what I would want (e.g., lifted on 35 😊). 
  • Porsche has the Cayenne, probably the best option IMO, but it is a little bigger than I wanted and more than we wanted to spend. 

Of course, there are other cars but those were the three (3) Austin and I were looking at.

Through the process of elimination we were at the all electric option. 

Because I cannot do a fast charge at home (I am limited to 120v) I wanted a larger battery but also luxury. This brought us to Tesla Model 3 (M3) and Ford Mach-E

I debated these cars for days (and nights); watching YouTube videos, taking Twitter polls, and reading reviews. On paper the cars are very similar in terms of features and price. 

You can do your own research, but simplified the Tesla long range (LR) and the Mach-E GT have about the same battery capacity (aka range). The cars have different plugs in order to charge. There is an adapter ($50) so a Tesla can be charged at a universal station but I do not think there is an adapter for a Mach-E to charge at a Tesla station, due to how Tesla’s charging works (more on that later).

I originally planned to make my experience one post but I also like to be thorough which made the post almost four (4) pages. I know most people will not read four (4) pages at once, so this will be a mini series with articles posted two (2) days apart. Next up: the test drive(s) and trade in process; Tesla M3 vs Ford Mach-E.

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