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Happy (20th) Birthday, Anela!

Happy (20th) birthday, Anela!

It has been eight days since Anela’s birthday. It took me a little time to write something profound, more than an instagram reel.

The truth is, I do love talking about her. I tell everyone about her. 

  • How long she lived.
  • How perfect she was.
  • How much she traveled.
  • How she helped me grow.

Today marks six months since we said goodbye; and, in the midst of developing a new routine I have managed to learn a few lessons:

  • Grief does not go away, do not expect it to.
  • The seemingly insignificant moments make your life.
  • You will never regret the time you spend with those you love.  

Happy (20th) birthday, my sweet 😇🌈

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