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It’s difficult to write this… My sweet little 👵🏼🐶, Anela, passed over the 🌈 bridge yesterday.

To say the last 24 hours have been difficult is an extreme understatement.

I don’t have all the answers- only that she passed while I was out on a walk.

ATM- I’m not sure what memories to share, I have so many spanning the past 19 years (half my life). She was my first true love; and now, my first true heart ache.

I can only hope she felt the depth of my love for her. Being her (fur) mom was the greatest gift and best decision I ever made.

Anela is with her little Keiki now; probably, hogging an electric blanket (that’s on high), begging for hummus, and looking fabulous in a sundress.
And, occasionally on a hot summer day, I hope they steal jerky from Aaron while floating down a river.

I know Anela touched so many lives- in person and through my stories. She will be missed more than I can express.

RIP, my love.💔

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