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A lesson in being grateful: It has been two months since the physical assault in the alley behind my apartment. 

I told myself I would not let the assault change me.

I did not want this man to be part of my story.

I did not want his actions to make me bitter.

But, the reality is how could it not change me?

How can he not be part of my story?

For a few weeks I felt annoyed only one neighbor came to help. I was frustrated by people’s commentary of what I should or should not have done. I was angry our society has gotten to the point where individuals feel as if there are no consequences to their actions.

I had to stop the slide; I had to change the narrative.

My good friend Chelsea recommended to (re)start my daily gratitude. She reminded me negative and positive emotions cannot coexist.

So I did. Maybe you have seen my stories every morning where I list three things I am grateful for. They are top of mind and usually small, like coffee or sunshine. Sometimes they are things I do not like (e.g., fog, cold, etc.) but I am grateful for.

I tend to keep it light because I feel like there is so much happening today; but, I have so much more to be grateful for. 

I am grateful for:

  • The one neighbor came to help me. 
  • Being on the wakeup list again today.
  • My loving husband, family, and friends.
  • A healthy body.
  • A little fox.
  • The ocean.
  • Opportunity.

And, I am grateful that you have followed along. I hope it inspires you to focus on the positive. 💖J

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