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Mindset Shift

Our thoughts hold so much power, let us have a mindset shift.

I struggled with this concept (mindset shift) for a long time, regardless of the data I consumed which supports the positive correlation between positive thinking and a positive outcome it was so easy for me to slip back into my negative mindset.

This is how (and why) I had a mindset shift. 

Six (6) months ago there was construction in the carport of our building so we were not allowed to park in our assigned spaces for about three (3) weeks. The simple idea of this stressed me out. I literally had a freakout on Austin (who could not control the situation) which ended with me in tears.

To clarify, street parking in our neighborhood is difficult at best due to the number of apartment buildings and businesses in the area; it also assumes others are capable of parking without hitting your car (I have seen plenty of ‘bumps’ on my street).

I knew I could not live this stressed for three (3) weeks, I had to figure out what I could control and focus on that. 

I had to have a mindset shift.

This is what I did.

Every morning for three (3) weeks when I had to move my car I said, “I am going to find good parking with ease today.” And, I did.

It was not always in front of my building but I always found front of the row parallel parking on my street (I refuse to sandwich parallel park).

I am not sure if this was the universe (or God, whatever you believe) answering me or if because I approached the situations with a sense of calmness, but I know results do not lie. 

After the construction ended I continued saying it every time I would drive somewhere, and I continued to find parking with ease. 

What other areas can I have a mindset shift?

I started saying every morning as I would stroll to the bathroom, “Today is a good day.” (This lead to my ‘GM’ stories, which all talk more on later.) The result, I cannot say I have had a bad day since I started this practice. I have had bad experiences and terrible interactions. I have been frustrated. But I have not had a bad day.

This is what I now believe, when I take to time appreciate the small things (e.g., a good parking space or a beautiful sunrise, etc.) I realize the small things are not really so small; because in total they are the summation of my life.

So, if you are feeling frustrated or stuck, like you are in a loop of bad luck I encourage you to have a mindset shift. Start saying every morning, “Today is a good day.”💖J

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