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Happy (4th) Birthday, Kamea

Happy 4th Birthday, Kamea! My sweet, loving, feisty, complicated, life saving fox.

Austin and I didn’t pick Kamea out when she was born, we weren’t looking for a puppy. We had Anela and Keiki, who both were healthy.

We rescued Kamea shortly after Keiki passed over the rainbow bridge in April 2020. 

Kamea came into a house full of love that was ruled by Grandma Princess, Anela, during the height of lockdown in California,

She adapted quickly to heated blankets, boogie food, and stroller walks. (We’re still working on sweaters.) Kamea soon went from a shy cowering pup to trying to rule the house and she hasn’t looked back since.

Now, she’s an international traveler, golfing queen, and winery regular celebrating her birthday with big balloons and gluten free treats; perfection. 

Happy birthday, Kamea!🩷J

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