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Happy (heavenly) Birthday, Anela

Happy (heavenly) Birthday, Anela, my sweet little grandma dog.

When Anela was alive I loved celebrating her birthday, as she got older the celebrations became more extravagant (for a dog). One year she had a pawty with all daughter Keiki and all their fury friends, but normally I would do a  photo shoot with treats and sing Happy Birthday!

Last year, the first year without Anela was difficult. I struggled to find joy and to overcome frustration and envy.

This year, I am able to find joy on her birthday.

Perhaps because my perspective has changed- I realize nothing is mine forever. Perhaps beacuse there have been too many sad days. Whatever the reason, I welcome the joy.

I know grief comes in waves and I don’t believe we ever truly stop grieving. Tears stream down my face as I write this, as I composed her IG birthday post; I’m okay with it.

Anela will always elicit tears, I now understand tears and grief are the continuation of love after life.

Happy (heavenly) birthday, Anela. 💕

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