• ::Vegan Mac & Cheese::

    ::Vegan Mac & Cheese::

    Last week I made a spin off of the Minimalist Baker’s vegan mac & cheese. The “cheese” is made of egg plant, almond milk, and a few additional ingredients; overall, this recipe was relatively easy and super yummy. Ingredients: 1 small eggplant-sliced into 1/2 inch rounds Olive oil 2 yellow…

  • ::what i have learned::

    ::what i have learned::

    I have hesitated to publish this article since June. Its unnerving to put something so personal on display, but necessary. This has been an emotional week for me. There were many times I found myself repeating my Dad’s famous words, “No body cares if you have a bad day. Get…

  • ::Raw Candy Bars::

    ::Raw Candy Bars::

    For the last two years Austin  and I have been making small life changes in order to be healthier. It started with regular gym workouts, in addition to our active lifestyle. Next we cut out red meat completely, about a year and a half ago I became a pescatarian. In the past…

  • ::Float-o-Holics 2014::

    ::Float-o-Holics 2014::

    The Float-o-Holics’ annul river trip just came to an end. It was a smaller group this year, but we had a  few newbies. The water was a little shallow and challenging at times, but over all it was a wonderful weekend at Kelly’s beach!

  • ::Stagecoach/Ragecoach::


    My friends and I boycotted Stagecoach in 2013 after a not so good line up and unnecessary changes to the RV/camping rules. However, once the 2014 line up was announced we could not say no! It was a truly amazing weekend filled with wonderful friends. I am looking forward to…

  • ::I got MARRIED!::

    ::I got MARRIED!::

    In case you did not know, Austin and I got married! We made the decision and planned our wedding in two weeks. It was a whirlwind experience but all in all a wonderful day spent with those who are closest to us. Check out some professional photographs along with plenty of…

  • ::Float-o-Holics 2013::

    ::Float-o-Holics 2013::

    The annual Float-o-Holics’ trip has come to an end for 2013. It was another great year for the books-enjoy the pictures. Maybe you can join us in 2014!

  • ::Reminders::


    Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can’t change. Life’s too short to be anything… but happy. — Anonymous The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one. — Elbert Hubbard You have not lived…