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My Photos From San Fran

I spent this extremely busy past weekend, April 30-May 3rd, in San Francisco for WordCamp San Francisco.

Austin and I flew in early Friday morning. We decided not to rent a car because there is really no place to park there anyways. We concurred public transportation pretty quickly and were soon walking around the Civic Center.

I was enjoying a nice cup of coffee and was delighted to see the Sanderson’s from Texas in the window. Our foursome was quickly joined by our new friends from Arizona, the Strebel’s and Chuck.

Our large group hopped on the cable car and headed to Fisherman’s Wharf, of course. It was a jammed packed afternoon filled with taffy, site seeing and the aquarium. While the Sanderson’s explored Alcatraz and the Arizona crew went back for a nap Austin and I headed to meet up with the In Motion Hosting crew for a couple of beers. The night was topped off with dinner at The Stinking Rose for Chris Hawkins’ birthday dinner and an after party at Parc 55.

Saturday was filled with WordPress knowledge, yummy food and the after party at the Automatic office on Pier 39. Sunday, Austin spent doing something that has to do with code while I went to the nail salon and attempted to study for finals. By the time Monday morning rolled around I was more that ready to jump on the airplane and head home. I was ready to see my chichis and take a much needed nap.

It was a successful weekend, filled with familiar and new faces. I just dont have the energy to do that again anytime soon. 🙂

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