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::Take Your Journey with Soul Cycle::

At a birthday dinner (10/4) I was pushed by two friends to start my JOURNEY with Soul Cycle. Let me be clear, I was terrified. I have never been huge on group exercise; I enjoy the solidarity of a weight room, a cold pool, and my music. Moreover, I had a preconceived notion about indoor cycling: A loud instructor calling me out for not keeping up and the feeling of complete failure at the end of the ride because I wasn’t as good as those around me.

This is the complete opposite of my experience with Soul Cycle.

First- Let’s set the mood: the studio is dim for the majority of the ride. There are 4 candles at each corner of the platform the instructor is on. I can see the other riders but because the class is fast paced there is little to no time to focus on them. A few times throughout the ride the instructor will turn on a light over the podium. But again, I am so focused on the hill/sprint I don’t have time to look around.

Second- As with any group class, each instructor has a different approach. Some talk more than others, some let you reflect inward a little more, and some increase the resistance on the bike for me. Lastly, each instructor has different music everyday. I have learn my style and the instructors that work for me, some of which is based completely on music.

After 12 rides (one month) I can see and feel a CHANGE in my body. I feel stronger, I am able to increase my resistance and push myself harder with each ride, my clothes are fitting better, and my ass is tighter too. 🙂

I keep going back because of the challenge. Not just the physical challenge, but the emotional and mental challenge as well. The amazing thing about Soul Cycle is the instructors push me to better physically AND emotionally. The instructors remind me with each ride to live purposefully, to make my actions count.

I have started to FIND my soul. After each ride I feel a sense of accomplishment, calmness, and peace.

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