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::Vegan Mexican Food In Los Angeles::

If you know me you know I LOVE Mexican/Tex-Mex food. I grew up on it, I relied on it as a vegetarian, and it is one of my favorite foods to recreate as Vegan dishes.

Over the past week I have had the pleasure of dining at two 100% plant based (Vegan) restaurants in Los Angles, Gracias Madre and Sage. I heard about Gracias Madre from my sister-in-law, Ari, and was dying to try. It just so happened Austin and I happen to be in West Hollywood for a concert at The Roxy. I had been to Sage prior to my recent brunch trip, it was a plant based restaurant I was dying to try. Note: The menu at Sage is different during the week. The Mexican food items were part of the brunch menu with the cranberry margarita and jalapeño poppers being speciality items.

Let me start by saying the food at both restaurants was amazing! Both have a great out door area that is dog friendly, another huge plus. Both have a full bar. Disclaimer: I ate at the two restaurants at different times in the day, so its difficult to say if one is more fancy/dressier over another.

Garcias Madre:

Spicy Margarita, it could have been a little spicier, in my opinion. But overall it had a great taste and blend of flavors.

I did the chef’s tasking menu for $40 per person (plus tax and gratuity). The cool thing about this menu is the whole table doesn’t have to do the tasting menu. The portions were pretty big for the number of items you can select, I ended up taking the entrees to go. My meal also came with chips and guacamole, not pictured. Below is a picture of the menu, not the best quality because I didn’t plan on posting it (lesson learned).

Starters: Cauliflower and quesadilla. I love quesadillas (and nachos), so I had to try it. The cauliflower was amazing, the entire party arrived at this conclusion. The quesadilla was delicious, I didn’t even share it! The quesadilla was definitely different, its stuffed with butternut squash but I loved it and want to try to replicate the idea.

PS: You can see the chips and guacamole in the top of this photo.

Entrees: I was already full by the time the entrees came but I still had to try each the items fresh. I got the sope (recommendation from the waitress) and the jackfruit taco. Both were amazing. The habanero salsa on the sope was not over powering.

Note: My husband had Bowl Dos (not pictured). He said it was delicious, but couldn’t finish it after helping me with my order. 🙂


Like I previously stated, we came here for brunch. I didn’t know there was a special brunch menu but I was pleasantly surprised.

Cranberry margarita, this was delicious. I expected the salt to be sugar, not sure why. But it was the perfect combination of flavors.

Special appetizer, jalapeño poppers. These were delicious! I posted a version I created (you can find here) but these were even better. The filling was made from cashews and of course deep fried.

Entree: I ordered the raw tacos. And like everything else at Sage, they did not disappoint! The amount of guacamole and walnuts made these to die for!

I am totally returning to both of these restaurants. I can’t wait to enjoy some cold beers on the patios with my dogs!

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