:: Recommitting to 2017::

I know we are deep into February, but I honestly didn’t feel like it was time to publish this post any earlier. Now, just feels right. I have taken some time during the first week of February to recommit to myself and to my goals for 2017.

I am not one for new years resolutions. To be honest, I think there is too much importance placed on resolutions that are under utilized. However, I was inspired by my friend John, he chose three words which will define his 2017. His post got me thinking, what do I want to focus on in 2017, what do I want 2017 to feel like?

As I was proof reading this (initial) post I was on a team call with my Beachbody mentor, Lindsey, and she began talking about her three words. I was overwhelmed with joy. I am ecstatic people are entering 2017 with a fresh pair of eyes and thinking about life in a new light. Its not longer about broad resolutions (e.g., I want to lose 10 pounds, I want to make more money), its truly about changing the way we feel about live every damn day.

My three words are intertwined, its impossible to focus on one without the other two. My promise to you is to be honest and authentic over the next 11 months, share my successes and failures with you.

Here are my three words:


For a long time I considered myself a former athlete. I thought my days of being and athlete ended when I finished college. My competitive drive is still alive and kicking but the every day challenges and personal expectations died off long ago as I don’t actively participate in any sports. I honestly believe intense athletic competition is what I have been missing in my life. I have learned via my journey with Soul-Cycle to redefine the word athlete and, in fact, redefine how I view myself. An athlete (to me) is no longer just someone who pushes themselves physically for their team (high school/college) or completes on a professional level. We can all be athletes, because being an athlete is a state of mind, a determination to be the best no matter the (physical) task. Its a state of mind where good enough will not suffice. I am raising my standards (thank you Tony Robbins), and I am immersing myself in daily physical challenges. Mediocre is not good enough.


This is kind of two-pronged for me. If you know me or have followed me on social media, you know August-October 2016 were not the easiest for me. But I am taking control in 2017, I am tired of feeling as though my life is in someone’s hands. I am tired of allowing others to change my outlook on life. I am building my personal empire. I am taking a chance on my knowledge, my ability, and my desire to succeed. I want to demonstrate to others that a bad month (or two, or three) doesn’t have to keep them down. I want to influence others to have a positive mind set and outlook on life. I want to influence others to work hard for themselves.

With that comes redefining success. For a long time I thought success was a corporate 9-5 job, a nice car, and a mortgage. That is what society deems successful. That is what we are each sold every day. But I want to live life differently. I believe I am here to do more than pay bills and die. I want to compete, I want to inspire, I want to travel, I want to spend more of my life with my husband. Now, I don’t think this will happen tomorrow but it will happen. Like I previously said, mediocre is no long good enough. I want to influence others to chase their dreams, to live life on their terms.


I want to feel unencumbered by many things in 2017-finances and society’s idea of success are the top two. As previously stated, I don’t believe all these things will happen over night. I don’t believe I will be debt free (car payments, credit cards, student loans) in 2017. BUT I can make the appropriate choices towards those goals and by doing so feel unencumbered.

As you can see, I plan to take control in 2017. I hope you will follow my journey and I encourage you to share your three words of intention for the year as well. This not about superficial changes, this is about life altering steps!

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  • Margaret Stuart

    I really like this post! I think that it is important to recommit to your goals, and set intentions for each new month or else we can lose sight of what is important or get lost in the big picture. Keep going girlie!

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