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::Why I Left Beachbody::

Before I jump into my health and fitness journey, let’s back up a tiny bit. About a year and a half ago I (unwilling) started a new chapter in my life.

I was laid off from my market research job, the offers I was getting were subpar, I was approaching 33, felt unfulfilled and out of touch. (You can read more about my professional reboot here.)

I had put my health and fitness goals on the back burner for so long I didn’t know how to recover. In the midst of starting my own MR (market research) consulting company, I decided to make my health and fitness a top priority. I wanted a fresh start, in every aspect.

I sat down to outline what that would look like for me. I knew I had to hold myself accountable but I also need to learn more about physical fitness. Although I was a collegiate athlete, I always had someone else tell me what to do. I also didn’t worry or pay attention to what I was eating or how it would affect my body.

Once I had my plan, I put it into motion.

Step 1: Fall in love with Soul-Cycle. 😂

I am kidding, kind of. It took a few rides before I was head over heels for the dark room and sweat-drenched 45 minutes. I digress.

My husband, Austin, (at the time) had worked for Beachbody for close to two years. I heard all about the at-home workout craze, I had even done a couple of the programs myself. I loved the idea of working out when it was convenient for me and the online accountability. So, I figured why not? I jumped in and became a Beachbody coach with little research or thought. (This was November of 2016.)

I didn’t really push or post much about Beachbody until January of 2017. Once I did I realized I was following the steps but not sustaining results. So, I backed off on the Beachbody related (social media) posts. Fast forward to April 2017, I was seeing results but not drastic ‘let me know her secret’ results and I was not sustaining if I had a bad weekend or even week. But, I kept at it, I kept trying to stick to the unreasonable meal plans of 1200 calories a day and food that fit into tiny plastic containers.

When September of 2017 rolled around I was annoyed. I had built a small team but was not really making money, not that money was the only motivator. But I saw Beachbody as a job, and in terms of a job, I was failing. I took a step back to evaluate. To really understand why I was failing, not just with my physical goals but also with my financial goals.

The answer was clear, I was not passionate about the products.

I wasn’t passionate about the products because they didn’t work for me. Now, let’s take a step back. To clarify, Beachbody works for some people. I had people on my team who achieved wonderful results. To reiterate, the products just didn’t work for me and my lifestyle.

It still took me two more months to text my (new found) friends Lane and Chelsea to make the switch. I was still hesitant. But, December 1, 2017, I started the 30-day system. I didn’t know what to expect. But, even though I didn’t complete the first 30 days 100% perfectly, my results were amazing.

I knew I found something I could stick with. Products I believed in and I could confidently share with my family and friends.

In all honesty, I have never been able to not just maintain but progress while living a normal life. I would always yo-yo; do really good (workouts and nutrition) until vacation (or even a huge deadline), fall off the wagon, gain weight, feel bad about myself, start over. (Sound familiar?)

I am here to tell you the proper nutrition will make all the difference in your life. I receive instagram dms all the time asking if my results are because of a strict diet and/or crazy workout regimen. They aren’t.

Consistency is something I am still working on, but an average day for me looks like random meals, mostly fries and craft beer (because I eat out way too often). But where I do stay on track is with my nutritional cleansing products. I have at least one shake a day with the proper boosts, I consume a mixture of greens and hydrate daily, and I cleanse regularly.

The best part, I also love the company. To answer a question probably going through your head; yes, I am still part of a MLM aka multi-level-marketing aka network marketing.

Now, some of you may roll your eyes when you read Network Marketing. You’ll think pyramid scheme or rip off. I won’t get into all the ends and outs of network marketing right now (I will save that for another post). But I will say, if you are sharing products you believe in, it doesn’t feel like work or selling.

But more than that, if you are working your entire life to build someone else’s dream, you will never know true freedom.

There it is…

The cold, ugly truth. Beachbody products didn’t work for me. So, rather than stick with something just because I sought out another option. I could not be happier.


Featured image by Simon Launay on Unsplash

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