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Bend, Don’t Break

Sometimes we all need this simple reminder, bend don’t break. But even more important is the realization that when we feel like we’re going to break something beautiful is on the other side.

“When you think you’re about to break, you’re actually about to break through.” –Ross Ramone

I hope I got that right, Ross. 😊

In full transparency I felt like I was going to break a lot over the past nine (9) months

For the first time in my life feelings of uncertainty started to creep into my thoughts.

I began to question my career choices and my character; areas of my life I have never doubted before.

I now understand hesitation is not only a side effect of TBI but also life, when you’re on the edge of something substantial.

Babe, when you think you’re going to break, you’re probably going to break through.

Keep believing; keep pushing.💖

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