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Are You Positioned To Survive?

Just curious, are you positioned to win survive?


  • Do you feel healthy?
  • How is your sleep?
  • Are you stressed?


  • Do you have a second source of income?
  • How much do you have in your savings?
  • What about your 401k, is it safe?

I know our products are the best, scientifically proven, nutrient dense, & life sustaining

I know our compensation plan is the best; we have the most company millionaires.

I know our company is secure, privately owned with zero operating debt.

I know starting with a Network Marketing (NWM) company can be scary; but sis, life is pretty damn scary right now.

So, I’ll ask again.

Are you positioned to survive in this uncertain time?

Do you have a plan B?

The recession is here. 

People will stop spending money on expensive workout classes (looking at you personal trainers & fitness instructors), dining out (reduced shifts for bartenders, wait staff, & ride share drivers), & travel (this affects pilots, flight attendants, Airbnb).

What people will always pay for, food (nutrition) and solutions to their pain points (better sleep, weight loss, youthful aging).

I’m not saying NWM is the best, I’m saying it’s an option.      

Friends, in a time of complete uncertainty its time to build options.

My inbox is always open. 💌

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