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As 2020 comes to an end I sat down to review my goals for the year and prepare for 2021.

I realized there are a number of goals I didn’t reach, which is disappointing, but there are a lot of wins.

I learned it is possible to experience a horrible year emotionally while simultaneously experiencing success. 

This year:

  • I wasn’t able to take my Dad on a fishing trip but I did spend quality time with him (and taught him to video chat).
  • I didn’t go to Spring Training but I was able to attend the World Series (Go Dodgers).
  • I didn’t fly to Knoxville to see my team but I stayed connected and feel closer than ever.
  • We weren’t able to celebrate our friend’s wedding in Tulum but we were able to celebrate their love.
  • I wasn’t able to travel the world but I was able to be home with Keiki in her last days, spend time with Anela (who is turning 18 yo next month), and open our home to a new fur baby. 
  • I didn’t achieve my overall goal weight/physique but I was able to complete 75 hard (in March).
  • I didn’t hit my ride goal at SoulCycle but I did ride for 32 weeks in a row (every week since my home bike was delivered).
  • I didn’t hit my financial goal for the year but I did achieve the highest level of leadership in my company.

My point, I think too often we focus on what we didn’t achieve and then classify the effort (e.g., week, month, year, etc.) as failure or success. 

What if for this year we start to see failure with a little more grey area and a little less black or white?

I’m a firm believer that not much will change just because the calendar does; however, I also believe we could use a little grace right now.

Tell me, what is one of your 2020 wins? 

Featured image by Michael Fenton on Unsplash

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