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Moving Forward

I understand during these unprecedented times the thought of moving forward, improving our health, and thinking beyond today or week is difficult. I, in no way, want to diminish these feelings but I am here to tell you, if you don’t start taking one step at a time you’ll be in the same place forever. 

Three (3) years and three (3) days ago I took (back) control of my health.

These past 8 months I have grown increasingly grateful; for nutrition delivered to my door, for the opportunity to make an impact while making an income from home, and for this life giving community.

I wanted to share this milestone as a standard fitness journey/transformation post, but as I have written and edited I feel compelled to share what’s really on my heart…

the importance of our health, more now than ever before and to empower others to prioritize health instead of “waiting”.

The importance of moving froward.

(Note: I am referring to California, as I don’t (really) know what is happening in other areas.)

The current business closures are not for our health.

Go ahead, read that again.

If the closures were for our health parks and hiking trails would be open.

Outdoor dining (with limited occupancy) would be open.

Elected officials would encourage people to spend time outside being social and absorbing vitamin D, because these things BOOST our immune system.

If these decisions were for our health liquor stores and fast food establishments would be closed.

Politicians don’t care about our health, if they did cigarettes would be illegal and food would come with warning labels.

I know, my health journey and a pandemic seem unrelated; I promise you they are, in fact, related. 

Currently, most of our lives are being controlled and most of us are feeling the effects.

  • Suicide rates are up.
  • Relationships are falling apart.
  • Small businesses are closing.
  • People are loosing their life savings.
  • Many feel lethargic, overweight, and restless. 

I implore each of you to take back control, even just a little.

  • Maybe in the form of the food you put in your body.
  • Maybe by turning off Netflix (or the news) and opening a nonfiction book.
  • Maybe drink water instead of alcohol.

I get it friends, it’s hard I’ve struggled too; but I promise if you’re still “waiting” 8 months later you’ll be waiting 8 years later.💖

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