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Ending 2020

I’m back with your regularly scheduled programing, aka workout selfies.😜 Okay, but really the past week was a nice break from the routine I fell into these past seven months. I really started to think about Ending 2020…on a high note.

It’s a new month, a new week, more importantly a new day.

I truly believe now more than ever, as we enter a week of what feels like complete lack of control, its imperative to take a moment or two for gratitude. Maybe even list the wins (aka positive lessons) you’ve had this year.

Last week, I outlined a to ensure ending 2020 goes smoothly (not perfectly).

  • I promise to restore structure in my life, hello 4:45am alarm.
  • I am taking back control of what I can, rather than remaining aloof. 
  • I will prioritize sanity over blissful ignorance, no more mindless scrolling.
  • I am learning to trust the process, of my own personal growth but also of this season.

I highly encourage you to take back control, to stop waiting for after the election, or the holidays, or New Years; because they are all just days- winning each of them is up to you.💖

Featured image by Carolyn V on Unsplash

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