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I started 2024 with one goal, less. Recently, I’ve been choosing less social media- so far, no regrets.

I found myself really annoyed by social media, instagram specifically, so much so I was avoiding it all together.

I took a step back to ask myself why.

Answer: My feed was filled with profiles I didn’t recognize and unrelateable content (or content that made me feel bad myself).

This past weekend I started a massive unfollow campign.


  • The profile doesn’t follow me.
  • I dont know the person in real life.
  • Haven’t engaged with the person in my DMs.
  • The content doesn’t spark joy (or teach me something).


It took a while, more time than I wanted to spend on my phone over the weekend- BUT, now my feed is filled with people I cherish and educational, bright content.

My thought process is simple- if I unfollowed an account I really like I will see it again and re-follow at that point, but the reality is my diseried content today is not what it was two years or even two months ago.

I was reminded social media is suppose to be fun (and educational).

More importantly, this process led back to my goal of 2024- less.

This time it’s about:

  • Less baggage. 
  • Less disingenous interactions.

Encourging you all to do a social media spring clean out as well. 🩷J

Featured image by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

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