• News

    ::Go VOTE!::

    Get out to the polls today kiddo. This election if for OUR generation. The next Presidential Election will be when we are almost 30! We need to make a difference today. DO NOTsay…

  • Jeana Tales


    On Halloween Austin and I headed to The Roxy to see one of our favorite bands, Bullets and Octane! If you have never heard of them I strongly suggest that you go and…

  • Jeana Tales

    ::Super Cute Piccy::

    So I was just browsing icanhascheezburger.com and found this super cute piccy. If you love animals then you must visit this site and see all the funny piccys people send in!

  • Fashion

    ::Red=Aphrodisiac For Men::

    …now discovered that women wearing red appear more attractive to men. Researchers at the University of Rochester conducted five psychological experiments to assess how color can affect how men view a woman’s attractiveness.…

  • Entertainment


    Apparently many people this weekend made the same mistake I did. We all went to see Mark Wahlberg’s new movie, Max Payne. Like I said before the only thing painful about this movie…

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    ::Bye Bye HOB Sunset?::

    The famous HOB on Sunset might be shut down, because of recent violent incidents the venue. Reports indicate that staff has not improved security after problems occur. Within the last 12 months, events…

  • Entertainment

    ::Rise Against::

    Their new album, Appeal To Reason is released today. It is classic Rise Against. Most say all their songs sound the same, I cannot totally disagree. However I see it as consistency. If…