• 4 different sized jars with (dry) grain stored.

    Quinoa Bowls

    Quick, simple, comfort food. Who doesn't love the sound of that? Quinoa Bowls are all the rage but you may be wondering what to put in them. I usually use whatever I have…

  • Carrot and zucchini zoodles

    Zoodles & Avocado Alfredo

    I think we're all looking for a way to get more vegetables in our diet (and maybe less carbs). 😬 A few years ago I discovered ZOODLES! Here's a great Zoodle & Avocado…

  • plates filled with ingredients for tacos (tortillas, salsa, bell peppers, corn, etc.)

    Black Bean Enchiladas

    My absolute favorite food is TexMex. I love everything from burritos too tacos. But being Vegan complicated that love affair slightly. I have been making my favorite at home dish for the past…

  • salad and olive oil on wooden table outside.

    Buttery Green Beans

    Is anyone else struggling with new veggie recipes during quarantine?🙋🏼‍♀️ Austin and I tweaked a traditional green bean recipe and present you with buttery green beans. 😮