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    Separation Season

    It's Separation Season, so give me all the BĒA!🤣 Botanicals, energy, adaptogens. I mean this drink is my (not so) secret weapon anytime but extremely helpful during this time of year.

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    Inspiration,  Jeana Tales

    Ending 2020

    I’m back with your regularly scheduled programing, aka workout selfies.😜 Okay, but really the past week was a nice break from the routine I fell into these past seven months. I really started…

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    Holiday Slip Up

    Did you you have a holiday slip up this past weekend? I know I sure did, mine was planned but its all the same. I have outlined below the 5 steps you need to…

  • Jeana Tales

    Giving Thanks

    I am not one for holidays, I feel we should appreciate our loved ones and our fortunes everyday of the year. I appreciate the wonderful things in my life everyday. However; in the…