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Everything is a Muscle

My wise, dear friend Ross said this morning that everything is a muscle; and thus, we have the ability to choose what we strengthen. 

He went on to say pessimism and cynicism are muscles.

But so are kindness and optimism.

I began to reflect, which I have been done a lot of this past year, on the person I have grown into compared to my younger self.

I use to wear my cynicism as a badge of honor.

I believed it made me strong and wise.

In reality, leading with cynicism was my own fear of loving too deep because I had been hurt.

I have learned leading with an open heart and optimism is scary, I will endure pain; but to know love is to know pain.

I understand I expect a lot from those around me because I give a lot to those around me.

I am (more than) okay with this because I set boundaries (now). 

Friend I just want to remind you, being optimistic is a muscle; don’t let this world prevent you from strengthening it.💖 

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