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(Quick) Fitness Update

Hi friends, Austin and I home from wine country- here’s a quick fitness update. 😊

It’s day 3 of 75 Hard (yes I started over) + the first of a 2 day (nutrient supported) cleanse.

Today may be harder than I thought because I’ve been up since 1am (with an itchy puppy) but I’m looking forward to the post cleanse results (aka reduced🍷 inflammation).

I’ve completed both of my workouts (Soul-Cycle and a walk) for the day, and I think I have time for a power nap after a couple work calls.
When you’re sleepy + cleansing it’s the little things. 😴

After two full days of 75Hard I’m down .5 body fat and 1 lbs; however, this round I’m trying not to obsess over the scale like I have before (because this isn’t a weight loss challenge). I want to focus more on how I’m feeling, hence the 2 day cleanse. 
I’ve also read 1/2 of my first book, thanks to that 1am wake up call.🤣🤷🏼‍♀️

Here’s my current #75Hard breakdown:

  • (Indoor) Workouts: Soul-Cycle, Solidcore, and bodyweight challenge
  • (Outdoor) Workouts: Soul-Cycle, walking, golf (par 3 only courses)
  • Diet: IF for 18 hours, track macros, and no sweets/desserts (e.g., donuts, ice cream, etc.)
  • Book: Rising Strong, Brene Brown

Apps I’m currently using:

Wednesday (mid week) is a good time for me to check in on here, IG, and FB to update my progress with 75 hard, but more specifically changing my habits before 2022 (aka post lockdown).

Who else is working on better habits before the new year and how can I support you? LMK on IG!

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