• A clear Pyrex dish with enchiladas in it on top of a black stove.

    Easy Vegan Enchiladas

    Two things I love: Texmex and easy recipes. 😊 One of the things that makes Texme so easy is that you can put whatever you have in a tortilla and it's DELICIOUS. Here's…

  • A burger with lettuce, tomato, and cheese on a dark cutting board.

    Black bean Burger

    Black beans, not something I would eat before I went vegan but they have quickly become a staple in my diet. I love the butternut squash and black bean enchilada AND this black…

  • Cauliflower being help up by a hand with white background

    Cauliflower Wings

    With the Holiday weekend right around the corner snacking is inevitable; but there's a healthier way to satisfy those muchies! My favorite, Cauliflower Wings! They are quick, simple, and delicious.

  • Chopped broccoli in a light blue bowl on a wood cutting board.

    ::Bang Bang Broccoli::

    Broccoli has a lot of protein packed into a bite size, low calorie veggie. But many of us (myself included) don't really know what to do with it. I found this recipe for…

  • a red bell pepper with a green bell pepper on each side in a glass dish.

    ::Stuffed Peppers::

    Another Tex Mex recipe comin' at ya; Stuffed Peppers! I love this recipe because honestly you can put whatever you want (or have) into peppers and it comes out delic.

  • 4 different sized jars with (dry) grain stored.

    ::Quinoa Bowls::

    Quick, simple, comfort food. Who doesn't love the sound of that? Quinoa Bowls are all the rage but you may be wondering what to put in them. I usually use whatever I have…

  • plates filled with ingredients for tacos (tortillas, salsa, bell peppers, corn, etc.)

    ::Black Bean Enchiladas::

    My absolute favorite food is TexMex. I love everything from burritos too tacos. But being Vegan complicated that love affair slightly. I have been making my favorite at home dish for the past…