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A Gentle Reminder

The holidays are over (for most of us) and 2021 is quickly approaching. This is a gentle reminder: (your) life will not improve simply because it’s a new year, it will require work.

I’ve been (kind of) coasting by since Thanksgiving (yikes!). I fell victim to the idea that it’s holiday season, when in reality these are just holiDAYS. I’ve written before about Separation Season because I think we all need a gentle reminder.

What can you start today to ensure 2021 is a great year?

(This is your gentle reminder not to wait until January 4th.)

Here’s a list of what I did this morning- maybe it can help you too (it took 20 minutes)!

  • Overall 2021 goal setting- think BIG.
  • Actionable daily steps to get me to my big 2021 goal.
  • Ensured non-negotiable events are in my calendar (e.g., work events, weddings, etc.)
  • Developed a daily routine and put it in my calendar (with reminders) aka time blocking.
  • Daily checklist in the notes section to ensure everything is done before I relax.
  • Downloaded personal development audiobooks I want to listen to over the next few months.
  • Scheduled a check in with myself for 2 weeks from now. 

2021 can be a great year, but it’s up to you to make the decision and put in the work.

Let’s Grow!

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